Rt 5 Vernon, NY
May 27 & 28, 2012

VERNON, NY- With Utica-Rome Speedway’s big Memorial Day Weekend event, scheduled for May 27 and 28, rapidly approaching, the speedway has finalized the rule package that will be in effect for the Modifieds for the both days of the two day show.  The rules are nearly identical to the ones used the past two years for both the Victoria 200 and New Yorker 200.

All cars must conform to the Utica-Rome Speedway rulebook (available at www.uticaromespeedway.com) with the following exceptions or additions-

1) Must be Modified chassis.
2) 361 cubic inch or less - 2,400 pounds. (GAS ONLY) Small blocks with SB2 heads- Must weigh 2,500 pounds.
3) Big Blocks - 2,500lbs. (GAS ONLY).
4) Cast iron blocks only - NO Aluminum blocks.
5) No tolerances on weight, must make weight after qualifying and main event.
6) No fuel injection.
7) Sail panels allowed - Total height is to be measured from ground to the highest point, not to exceed 65”. Total length is to be measured from rear axle, 48” from the center line to rear of car and 12” from center line forward. Maximum vertical lips will be 2” from door up and 2” from door down. 1 1/2“ tolerance on width allowed. The degree of angle from vertical lips (Upper and Lower) to rear plane of driver’s seat is 22 degrees. Sail panels must have same dimensions on both sides of car.
8) 4” inch maximum roof spoiler allowed. Spoiler must be mounted on rear of roof.
9) Tires -American Racer tires only. LF-SD-33 or harder, RF-SD-33/SD-38/SD-44/SD-48, LR-SD-33/SD-38/SD-44/SD-48, RR-SD-44/SD-48/SD-50 with McMod plating or other American Racer Cup track designation. No Late Model tires.  The speedway does not stock all available compounds and the following is a list what is normally available at the speedway- LF SD-33/SD-38, RF SD-33/SD-38, LR SD-33/SD-38/SD-44 RR SD-38/SD-44/SD-48.

For any question pertaining to the rules, please call Bernie Lukas at (315)271-3068.

As mentioned above, these rules will be effect for both nights, May 27 and 28.  Sunday, May 27, the Modifieds will compete in a regularly handicapped point event and will be joined by the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Pure Stocks.  Gates open at 3 p.m. with racing set to begin at 5:30 p.m.  The Modifieds will the only division in action on Monday May 28 with the Race of Champions Victoria 200 that will pay the victor a hefty $10,000 to win for the 100 lap contest.  Gates will open at 2:30 p.m. with racing beginning at 6 p.m.

May 27th 2012
MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (30 LAPS)-PAT WARD, Bobby Varin, Larry Wight, Ryan Phelps, Danny Varin, Jimmy Davis, Mike Mahaney, Stewart Friesen, Todd Burley, Ronnie Johnson, Alan Johnson, AJ Romano, Matt Hulsizer, Chris Busta, Casey Williams, Mitch Gibbs, Jerry Higbie Jr., Brad Alger, Willy Decker, Chris Hile, Shannon Whaley, Shane Donath, Phil Burkart Jr., Adam Roberts, Katelyn Kane, Steve Hulsizer, Brian Murphy, Jason Rood, and Bill Trexler Jr.

EMPIRE SUPER SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS)-SHAWN DONATH, Charlie Donk, Paul Kinney, Justin Barger, Cory Sparks, Jessica Zemken, Dan Kaszubinski, Matt Tanner, Michael Parent, Larry Wight, Doug Emery, Mike Stelter, Lance Yonge, Sammy Reakes IV, Kevin Ward, Jeff Cook, Alain Bergeron, James Hanson, Etienne Girand, Josh Pieniazek, Paul Habeck, Warren Alexson, Chuck Hebing, and Jason Barney.

SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)-JEREMY VUNK, Steve Way, Matt Janczuk, Jeff Leslie, Chris Mackey, Rocky Warner, Jim Nagle. Claude Hutchings Jr., AJ Filbeck, Craig Pope, Jack Miller, Joe Harrington, Randy Shantel, Brian Thomas, Dave Moyer, Tye-Scott Rood, Mike Stiles, Bobby Heintz, CJ Castelletti, Chris McCoy, Justin Lindsey, Craig Ritchie, Toby Klish, Aaron Jacobs, and Heath Carney.

PRO STOCK FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)-GLENN FORWARD, Tom Denton, Bret Belden, Pete Stefanski, AJ Digsby, Mark Effner, Ed Ostrander, Shawn Frost, Bill Knapp, Dan Lashure, Chris Carr, Dana Camenga, Jim Money, Jeff Pastorella, Glenn Weaver, Corie Locke, Andy Lashure, and Jim Normoyle.

PURE STOCK FEATURE FINISH (15 LAPS)-RICKY BREED, Chris Cunningham, Ron Hawker, Rob Thieme, Frank Hyatt, Bill Mason, Andy Szewczyk, Tim Janczuk, Scott Wheelock, Bryan Owens, Ruben Kennedy Jr., Chris Watkins, Stan Clark, and Jim Thomas.
Matt Hulsizer and Jason Rood brought the 29 car starting field down the green flag to begin the 30 lap Modified but it was third place starter Danny Varin vaulting to the top spot at the end of lap one.  Varin was looking to grab his second win of the weekend after winning the night before at the Fonda Speedway, and he looked strong in the early going as he was setting a quick pace.  A lap four caution slowed the field and the restart saw Steve Hulsizer grab second from his fifth starting spot and try and challenge the leader but Varin proved to be too strong as he stayed atop the leaderboard.  The hard charger at this point was Pat Ward as he moved through the field to the third spot, from 12th, just as the caution lights flickered on again.  The ensuing restart saw Ward pounce on the opportunity as he blasted to the front to be scored the leader by lap nine, and as the field crossed to complete lap 10, it was Ward, Danny Varin, Steve Hulsizer, Matt Hulsizer, and Bobby Varin completing the top five.

Bobby Varin had been near dominant in the sail paneled Modified events at Utica-Rome Speedway in 2011 and was hoping to keep that up in 2012.  Bobby Varin slipped by son Danny to grab the runner up spot on lap 13 and he immediately was setting off after the leader Ward.  By this time, Ward was comfortably out front and it became obvious that without a caution, Varin would not have a shot at Ward for the win.  The last and final caution came on lap 19, eliminating Ward’s advantage and giving the Varin the chance he was waiting for.  When the green flag flew again to restart the race as the field circled to complete lap 20, it was Ward with Varin right there for the second spot while Larry Wight used the restart to go from fifth to third and Danny Varin and Steve Hulsizer in fourth and fifth.

Laps 22 through 25 saw the pair of Ward and Varin virtually side by side at the line for the lead with Ward gaining the edge at one end of the speedway while Varin held it at the other.  Entering lapped traffic again on lap 25, Ward was able to shake Varin just as he negotiated through it better and that was all He needed as Ward raced off to his first Utica-Rome Speedway win of the 2012 season with Varin closely behind.  Wight solidly held on to the third spot over Ryan Phelps and Danny Varin.  Rounding out the top ten was Jimmy Davis, Mike Mahaney, Stewart Friesen, Todd Burley, and Ronnie Johnson. 

The Sportsman 20 lap main event had Jack Miller jumping out front early from his pole starting spot and show the fast way around for the first five circuits, until fourth place starter Steve Way went around the outside of Miller to lead lap six.  Way looked well on his to his first feature win of the year as he set a quick pace while several drivers were charging through the field.  With 15 laps complete, point leader Jeremy Vunk, from 12th, and Matt Janczuk, from 14th, had moved up into the second and third spot but Way was a full straight away ahead and showed no signs of slowing down.  With two laps remaining, Way’s advantage was erased when the caution lights came on; bring Vunk and Janczuk to Way’s rear deck lid.  The restart saw Vunk slip by Way to take the lead and run off with the win while Way held off Janczuk for second.  Jeff Leslie and Chris Mackey rounded out the top five.

Ed Ostrander and Bret Belden took turns leading the Pro Stock 20 lap main event at the drop of the green with Ostrander leading the opening circuit and Belden leading the next two circuits, but last week’s winner, Glenn Forward, was on the charge early.  On lap four, ninth place starter Forward made his move to the lead as he slipped by Belden for the lead.  Several caution periods slowed the pace, including one with one lap to go, which closed the field to Forward’s rear bumper but he was too strong as he raced off to his second consecutive win.  Tom Denton made some late race moves to grab second at the checkered with Belden, Pete Stefanski, and AJ Digsby chasing.

Pure Stock action saw Rob Thieme lead the opening four laps with Andy Szewczyk taking the point on lap five.  Chris Cunningham was the next to the front, charging from the 14th spot, as he took over the lead on lap seven.  The top eight cars were running in a tight pack as they continued to battle for the win over the next several circuits and it was the winner from the previous week that was the next out front.  Ricky Breed went to the front on lap 10 and would remain there until the end of the 15 lap feature with Cunningham, Ron Hawker, Thieme, and Frank Hyatt rounding out the top five.

Next week on Sunday, June 3, Safelite Auto Glass will present a regular show of Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Pure Stocks.  Gates open at 3:30 p.m. with racing at 6 p.m.  Visit www.uticaromespeedway.com or call the speedway office at (315)829-4557 for more information.

The race went the first 79 laps caution free with two-three wide racing all over the speedway surface. That caution was all Bobby Varin needed to make the winning pass. Jimmy Davis, who took the lead on lap 32 slid up the track on the restart that allowed Varin to drive by and then go onto the 3.892 seconds win.
By virtue of the redraw, Pat Ward and Danny Varin brought down the 30 car starting field to the green, with Ward grabbing the early advantage of the 100 lap feature.
By lap 10, Ward had blasted away from the field opening a straightaway lead as he started to catch the back of the starting field. Jimmy Davis ran alone in second, as Brett Hearn, Danny Varin and Gary Tomkins battles for third through fifth.
With 15 laps showing on the scoring tower, Ward was starting to put cars down a lap setting a quick pace alone out front. Davis still ran in second, but now had company as Hearn caught Davis as the pair fought for second. Tomkins and McCreadie showed in the top-five.
A quarter of the way through, lap 25, Ward still led as Davis shook Hearn and started closing in on Ward in heavy traffic. Hearn, McCreadie and Larry Wight ran third through fifth some distance back of the battle up front.
By lap 30 Davis was all over Ward as the pair not only raced for the lead, but was trying to get through traffic in front of them that was two and three wide. On lap 31, Davis saw an opening as he went to the top of the speedway and drove around Ward exiting turn four to be scored the new leader. McCreadie, Hearn and now Bobby Varin, who started 13th showed on the scoring tower.
On lap 40, Davis built up a four-second lead on Ward who still was running second. Now Ward had a battle on his hands as Varin started narrowing the distance.
At the halfway point, lap 50 and no cautions, Davis was still setting a quick pace as he was out front in another zip code as the laps kept clicking off. Varin , who moved into second on lap 46 started using different grooves on the track as he tried to find a way to close in on Davis. Ward, McCreadie and Wight ran third through fifth.
With 60 laps complete, Davis started putting some heavy hitters down a lap. At the same time it allowed Varin to come within a couple car lengths of Davis. Ward, McCreadie and Wight ran a distant third through fifth.
On lap 70, not only were Davis and Varin fighting for the lead, they were in the middle of some heavy race traffic that was two and three wide in front of them.
By lap 75, Davis was able to put some lapped cars between himself and Varin as he opened a five-six car length advantage as he tried to pull away from Varin.
On lap 79 the first caution of the race would wave as Jason Rood stopped at the top of turn four. It gave the entire field a chance to catch their breath as the entire race had action going on around the entire speedway.
The caution was just the break Varin was looking for. On the restart Davis slid up the track in turn four, as it allowed Varin to drive by and be scored the new leader on lap 80.
The last 20 laps went caution free and allowed Varin to go onto the win by over three-seconds. Jim Davis, Pat Ward, Matt Sheppard rounded out the top-five. Jimmy Phelps, Danny Varin, Danny Johnson and Larry Wight completed the top-ten.
“That was a dog fight with Jimmy (Davis) that lapped traffic was tough. He got hung up a couple times and I’d make a run on him and to let him go a couple times. Otherwise we would of gotten into each other. A couple lapped cars trapped me up against the fence on the front stretch, I was pretty nervous,” Varin said about his battle with Jimmy Davis before he took the lead.
“You can’t let somebody like Jimmy get away, he doesn’t make mistakes. He’s going to be on the money and hit his marks every time. I think our car was just a tick better than his. I could float it in good; I was very, very tight. It came around but early on it was a fight to keep it on the race track.”
“I didn’t know if he was better with a clear race track,” said Varin when he saw the lap 79 caution, and thought about the restart. “The only time I was racing him was when he was in lapped traffic. I didn’t really want to see the caution come out, because you never really know what it’s going to do to your tires. My entry speed was good and we had good grip,” Varin said about his pass for the win when Davis slid up the track in turn four on lap 80.
Only nine cars finished on the lead lap.
PIT NOTES - 48 cars signed into the pit area that took five heats and two consi’s to set the starting field.
This coming Sunday, June 3 Safelite Auto Glass presents a regular show of Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks and Pure Stocks. Gates will open at 3:30 with racing at 6:00. Adult admission is $12 - Seniors, Students and Military is $10. Log onto www.uticaromespeedway.com for all the latest speedway happenings or call 315-725-5709
The next RoC Dirt Modified Tour will be a 60 lap combo tour race Tuesday, June 12 at the Penn-Can Speedway. Log onto www.rocdirt.com for more information.
(VP RACE FUELS-RACE OF CHAMPIONS DIRT MODIFIED TOUR VICTORIA 200- 100 LAPS) - BOBBY VARIN, Jim Davis, Pat Ward, Matt Sheppard, Tim McCreadie, Jimmy Phelps, Danny Varin, Danny Johnson, Larry Wight, Stewart Friesen, Tim Fuller, Mike Mahaney, Billy Decker, Ryan Phelps, Gary Tomkins, Alan Johnson, Bill Trexler, Brett Hearn, Ryan Godown, Rob Bellinger, Roy Bresnahan, Doug Manmiller, Chris Hile, Jackie Brown Jr., Jason Rood, Chad Phelps, Willy Decker, Matt Hulsizer, Rick Laubach, Kevin Bates.

By Dave Medler

Bobby Varin Bags Ten Grand With His Second Straight Victoria 200 Victory At Utica Rome Speedway
VERNON, NY, May 28, 2012 - To Bobby Varin standards the 2012 season so far wasn’t what he thought it should be. All that changed Memorial Day at the Utica-Rome Speedway as Varin grabbed his second straight VP Race Fuels, Race Of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Victoria 200 win.

May 27th
VERNON, NY- Another huge crowd filled the stands at the Utica-Rome Speedway to kick off the Victoria 200 Weekend, and they were again treated to some great racing on Gates-Cole Associates, Inc. night.  Pat Ward held of Bobby Varin for the Modified win with Jeremy Vunk taking the Sportsman main event.  The Pro Stocks saw Glenn Forward in victory lane while Ricky Breed to the Pure Stock nightcap.
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