Rt 5 Vernon, NY
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use the outside line to his advantage to grab the lead to lead lap two. With Kinney out front, 18th place starter Stewart Friesen was carving a path to the front as he broke into the top five by lap six as he passed Kenny Tremont for the spot. A lap later, Friesen got by third place running Paul Jensen and set off after the front running duo of Kinney and Taylor.
Lap nine saw Friesen slip by Taylor and began his chase of the rim riding Kinney with the crowd anticipating another Friesen victory. Friesen caught Kinney several circuits later but Kinney was up to any of the defending track champions challenges as they top two began to encounter lapped traffic. With everyone watching Kinney and Friesen run side by side for the lead, ninth place starter Pat Ward was on the move as he moved into third by the halfway mark. With the crossed flags being shown to the field it was Kinney, Friesen, Ward, Taylor, and Tremont holding down the top five positions.
With ten circuits remaining, the top three spots were running nose to tail and sometimes side by side as Kinney continued to lead with Friesen and Ward moving around the wide racing surface to find a way to get by. On lap 25, Friesen made his move as he nosed ahead going into turn three but Kinney dove down low and slid up the track to slam the door shut on Friesen. With Friesenís momentum broken, Ward slipped by to grab second and began his run at the top spot. Going down the backstretch on the final lap, Kinney and Ward were side by side with the lapped car of Steve Hulsizer looming in front of them. In turn three, Kinney left no space between himself and the lapped car as he went to the outside, with Ward making contact with Hulsizer and slowing his momentum. Coming off four, Kinney stuck to the outside line that carried him to this point with Ward in the middle line and Friesen making a last ditch effort on the bottom with Kinney getting the checkered flag first over Ward, Friesen, Alan Johnson, and Todd Burley chasing. Rounding out the top ten was Jensen, Tremont, Bill Trexler Jr., Bobby Varin, and Chris Busta.
Pole sitter and rookie Sportsman driver Ty Rood grabbed the lead at the drop of the green in the 20 lap main, leading his first laps and looking for a top finish. Seventh place starter and a teammate to Rood, Chris Mackey, got by to lead the field on lap four. Mackey paced the field for the next 10 circuits until veteran driver Jim Rothwell used the extreme high side to get by for the top spot. The yellow flag was displayed frequently in first half of the event, allowing some of the drivers starting deep in the field to make their way forward. Matt Janczuk was one of those drivers as he steadily moved his way through the field and by lap 13 he had both Rothwell in his sights. On lap 16, Janczuk slid up to the second spot and as the 17th circuit was being scored, Janczuk dove underneath Rothwell to take the lead and speed off with his third win of the season. Mackey, Rothwell, Steve Way, and Jeff Leslie rounded out the top five.
Glenn Forward was the leader of the opening circuit of the Pro Stock 20 lapper, with rookie and former Pure Stock champion Chris Carr taking over on lap two. Carr would pace the field for the six laps as he searched for his first win in the Pro Stock division but on lap eight, Bret Belden would speed by to grab the lead. Shawn Frost would be the next driver in line to challenge for the lead, moving into the second at the halfway point and by lap 14 he was the new leader of the event. Frost would hold any challenges to take his second win of the season over Belden, Tom Denton, Rocky Warner, and Mark Effner.
The Pure Stock 15 lap finale saw Jim Thomas lead the opening lap with Bill Mason, from the sixth spot, went by on the second circuit. Ninth place starter Frank Hyatt charged through the field to take over the top spot on lap seven but his turn up front would end five laps later as he had a left rear tire go down. Dave Pope would inherit the lead and pace the field for the next two circuits, but now Ricky Breed would make his bid for win. Breed passed Pope on lap 14 and ran to his second win of the season with Pope, Stan Clark, Mason, and Rob Thieme trailing.
This coming Sunday, July 24, Ferris Industries, Tombstone Saloon, and Country Suburban will present a regular show of Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, and Pure Stocks plus Autograph Night. Gates will open at 3:30 p.m. with racing at 6 p.m. For more information, please log on to www.uticaromespeedway.com or call the speedway at (315) 829-4557.

MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (30 LAPS)- PAUL KINNEY, Pat Ward, Stewart Friesen, Alan Johnson, Todd Burley, Paul Jensen, Kenny Tremont, Bill Trexler Jr., Bobby Varin, Chris Busta, Pete Taylor, mark Kislowksi, Ronnie Johnson, Ted Lamb, Willy Decker, Casey Williams, Alan Barker, Jason Rood, Matt Hulsizer, Brian Murphy, Steve Hulsizer, Tim Mayne, and Brad Godshalk.
SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)- MATT JANCZUK, Chris Mackey, Jim Rothwell, Steve Way, Jeff Leslie, AJ Filbeck, Claude Hutchings Jr., Ty Rood, Jack Miller, Stephen Denton, Mike Button, Joe Harrington, Rich Townsend, Heath Carney, Darren Keyser, Aaron Jacobs, Randy Shantel, Rocco Leone, Bobby Heinz, George Dyer, Craig Pope, Jim Nagle, Brian Thomas, Bryan Lopus, and Jeff Gill.
PRO STOCK FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)- SHAWN FROST, Bret Belden, Tom Denton, Rocky Warner, Mark Effner, Chris Carr, Jeremy Vunk, Dave Moyer, Ed Ostrander, Jim Normoyle, Bill Knapp, Luke Horning, Dan Lashure, Jim Grippen, John Bradt, and Glenn Forward.
PURE STOCK FEATURE FINISH (15 LAPS)- RICKY BREED, Dave Pope, Stan Clark, Bill Mason, Rob Thieme, Keith Stevenson, Chris Cunningham, Ron Hawker, Jim Thomas, Andy Sefcheck, Scott Wheelock, Jim Richmond, Frank Hyatt, Ernie Staelens, and Bryan Owens.
CRSA SPRINT FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS)- JOSH PIENIAZEK, Jeff Vansteenburg, Danny Varin, John Virgilio, Tyler Rice, John Cunningham, Jamie Christian, Billy Jaycox, Tyler Charland, Chad King, Brett Jaycox, Chuck Alessi, Brittany Tresch, Art Kiser, Tommy Martocci, Warren Alexson, Frank Lieto, Matt Priscott, and Phil Peworchik Jr. DNS-JR Hurlburt.

VERNON, NY- This past Sunday, July 17, at the Utica-Rome Speedway the fans we treated to a Modified main event that will have the fans in attendance talking for a long time. Paul Kinney held off Pat Ward and Stewart Friesen to score the win on Gardnerís Landscapes and Hi-Skor Lanes night. Matt Janczuk was the winner in the Sportsman while Shawn Frost took the Pro Stock feature event. Ricky Breed was the Pure Stock winner with Josh Pieniazek taking the exciting Upstate Spray Foam Insulation CRSA Sprint A Main.
The 30 lap Modified feature had Pete Taylor and Paul Kinney set the pace when the green flag dropped with Taylor jumping out front to lead lap one, with the only caution of the feature coming out at the completion of the first lap for a disabled car in turn four. On the restart, Kinney would