Rt 5 Vernon, NY
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May 27th Photos
IMG_5711 copy IMG_5718 copy IMG_5720 copy IMG_5726 copy
IMG_5727 copy IMG_5728 copy IMG_5731 copy IMG_5745 copy
IMG_5759 copy IMG_5773 copy IMG_5790 copy IMG_5805 copy
IMG_5819 copy IMG_5826 copy IMG_5850 copy IMG_5855 copy
IMG_5860 copy IMG_5870 copy IMG_5873 copy IMG_5885 copy
IMG_5893 copy IMG_5896 copy IMG_5908 copy IMG_5910 copy
IMG_5916 copy IMG_5932 copy IMG_5933 copy IMG_5945 copy
IMG_5956 copy IMG_5958 copy IMG_6005 copy IMG_6010 copy
IMG_6028 copy IMG_6044 copy IMG_6045 copy IMG_6049 copy
IMG_6050 copy IMG_6052 copy IMG_6055 copy IMG_6057 copy
IMG_6059 copy IMG_6061 copy IMG_6064 copy IMG_6069 copy
IMG_6070 copy IMG_6081 copy IMG_6183 copy IMG_6184 copy
IMG_6185 copy IMG_6210 copy IMG_6226 copy IMG_6240 copy
IMG_6246 copy IMG_6250 copy