Rt 5 Vernon, NY
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July 14th Photos
IMG_0553 copy IMG_0554 copy IMG_0566 copy IMG_0566k copy
IMG_0577 copy IMG_0590 copy IMG_0592 copy IMG_0596 copy
IMG_0598 copy IMG_0604 copy IMG_0606 copy IMG_0626 copy
IMG_0631 copy IMG_0635 copy IMG_0636 copy IMG_0643 copy
IMG_0646 copy IMG_0657 copy IMG_0663 copy IMG_0671 copy
IMG_0688 copy IMG_0690 copy IMG_0700 copy IMG_0701 copy
IMG_0708 copy IMG_0724 copy IMG_0725 copy IMG_0732 copy
IMG_0737 copy IMG_0745 copy IMG_0754 copy IMG_0765 copy
IMG_0771 copy IMG_0786 copy IMG_0795 copy IMG_0796 copy
IMG_0798 copy IMG_0800 copy IMG_0805 copy IMG_0808 copy
IMG_0813 copy IMG_0819 copy IMG_0823 copy IMG_0827 copy
IMG_0829 copy IMG_0830 copy IMG_0832 copy IMG_0839 copy
IMG_0842 copy IMG_0843 copy IMG_0849 copy IMG_0853 copy
IMG_0854 copy IMG_0857 copy IMG_0866 copy IMG_0870 copy
IMG_0875 copy IMG_0882 copy IMG_0883 copy IMG_0885 copy
IMG_0894 copy IMG_0904 copy IMG_0906 copy IMG_0918 copy
IMG_0932 copy IMG_0934 copy IMG_0946 copy IMG_0963 copy
IMG_0966 copy IMG_0975 copy IMG_0989 copy IMG_0992 copy
IMG_1000 copy IMG_1007 copy IMG_1026 copy IMG_1030 copy
IMG_1039 copy IMG_1047 copy IMG_1053 copy IMG_1566m copy
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