May 6th - Williams Tire & Auto and Al Cuomo
UR12-0676 UR12-0677 UR12-0681 UR12-0682
UR12-0683 UR12-0684 UR12-0688 UR12-0719
UR12-0729 UR12-0738 UR12-0746 UR12-0797
UR12-0802 UR12-0810 UR12-0836 UR12-0843
UR12-0849 UR12-0851 UR12-0867 UR12-0875
UR12-0921 UR12-0933 UR12-0935 UR12-0955
UR12-0963 UR12-0970 UR12-1029 UR12-1038
UR12-1051 UR12-1073 UR12-1080 UR12-1083
UR12-1110 UR12-1113 UR12-1116 UR12-1117
UR12-1118 UR12-1119 UR12-1120 UR12-1121
UR12-1122 UR12-1124 UR12-1125 UR12-1131
UR12-1133 UR12-1140 UR12-1145 UR12-1146
UR12-1150 UR12-1152 UR12-1169 UR12-1172
UR12-1175 UR12-1181 UR12-1189 UR12-1195
UR12-1197 UR12-1204 UR12-1205 UR12-1206
UR12-1212 UR12-1213 UR12-1223 UR12-1228
UR12-1230 UR12-1237 UR12-1242
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Rt 5 Vernon, NY
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