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Rules     Cole Cup 2013
Cole Cup Weekend Procedures, Rules and Purses:

Friday Night Qualifying Procedure:

Draw for time trial/heat groups

Timed Warmups - 3 laps - in your heat group(s)

4 Heats 8 laps - Lined up strait up from time trials.
3 Qualify - Top 2 finishers to redraw. - 3rd. place finisher will start 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.

Fastest time not to qualify will start the feature 13th.

A-Main - 13 Laps, winner gets guaranteed starting spot for Cole Cup.

For cars that Did not Qualify, hot laps sessions after the A-Main will be offered, weather and time permitting.

Purse - $1,300, $700, $500, $400, $300, $250, $225, $200, $175, $160, $150, $140, $130.

Saturday Night Cole Cup Qualifying Procedure:

1-36 Cars - 3 Heats
Hot lap within heat groups
Group Time Trials - Time within your heats - 3 laps each.
6 car groups, 6 Groups - Group  1 and 2 - Heat 1
                          Group 3 and 4 - Heat 2…etc

Top 6 times per heat group inverted in heats -18 cars total
6 Cars qualify, top 4 get times back.
A-Main - Top 6 times redraw (top 2 times per heat)
Next finishers - 5,6 strait up from heat finishes.
B-Main - 6 Qualify, line-up straight up from heats. (Do not get time back)
24 cars start - 2 spots open for ESS and PST Buy-in Provisionals

A-Main Line-up.
1-6 via draw (Top 2 times per heat out of the top 4 finishers)
7 - 3rd fastest time heat 1 (out of the top 4 finishers)
8 - 3rd fastest time heat 2 (Same)
9 - 3rd fatest time heat 3 (same)
10 - 4th fastest time heat 1 (same)
11 - 4th fastest time heat 2 (same)
12 - 4th fastest time heat 3 (same)
13 - 5th place finishers heat 1
14 - 5th place finisher heat 2
15 - 5th place finisher heat 3
16 - 6th place finisher heat 1
17 - 6th place finisher heat 2
18 - 6th place finisher heat 3
19-24 B-Main


37-49 Cars - 4 Heats

Group Time Trails (Same as above)
4-5-6 Car Groups - 8 Groups -Group 1 and 2 Heat 1 e

Top 6 inverted in heats - 24 cars total
5 Cars qualify - top 4 get times back.
A-Main - Top 8 times redraw (top 2 times per heat)
Finishers  - 5 will start strait up.
B-Main - 4 cars Qualify lined up straight from heats. (Do not get time back)
24 cars start - 2 spots for ESS and PST Provisionals.

A-Main Line-up
1-8 Redraw (Top 2 times per heat out of top 4 finishers)
9 - 3rd fastest time Heat 1 (of top 4 finishers  in heat)
10 - 3rd fastest time heat 2 (Same)
11 - 3rd fastest time heat 3 (same)
12 - 3rd  fastest time heat 4 (same)
13 - 4th fastest time heat 1 (same)
14 - 4th fastest time heat 2 (same)
15 - 4th fastest time heat 3 (same)
16 - 4th fastest time heat 4 (same)
17 - 5th place finisher
18 - 5th place finisher
19 - 5th place finisher
20 - 5th place finisher
20 - 24 B-Main


50 cars +- 5 Heats.

Group Time Trials (Same as above)
5 or 6 car groups - 10 Groups - Group 1 and 2 Heat 1 etc…

Top 6 Inverted in heats - 30 cars total.
4 Cars Qualify - All cars get times back
Top 2 times per heat to Redraw
Finishers 5 on back to B Main(s)
If one B-Main - 4 cars qualify if 2 B’s 2 from each.
24 cars start - 2 spots for ESS and PST Provisionals.

A-Main Line-up
1-10 Redraw  (Top 2 times out of top four finishers)
11 - 3rd fastest time heat 1 (out of top 4 finishers per heat)
12 - 3rd fastest time heat 2
13 - 3rd fastest time heat 3
14 - 3rd fastest time heat 4
15 - 3rd fastest time heat 5
16 - 4th fastest time heat 1
17 - 4th fastest time heat 2
18 - 4th fastest time heat 3
19 - 4th fastest time heat 4
20 - 4th fastest time heat 5
21-24 - B-Main

Group Time Trials - 3 Laps
Heats - 10 Laps
B-Main (s) - 12 Laps
A-Main - 30 Laps.

Cole Cup Purse: 1. $10,000, 2. $5,000, 3. $2,200, 4. $1,500, 5. $1,200, 6. $1,100, 7. $1,075, 8. $1,050, 9. $1,025, 10. $1,000, 11. $900, 12. $800, 13. 700, 14. $650, 15. $625, 16. $600, 17. 575, 18. $550, 19. $525, 20-24. $500

Over $1,000 in lap money that will be split up among the top 5.

All DNQ’s will Receive $125

Cole Cup Weekend Rules for both Nights:

Rules Package set up for 2014 Cole Cup at Utica-Rome Speedway September 6th, $10,000 to win.
(Note* - Rules could change between release and race date, teams will be notified.)

All basic 360 sprint car rules for ESS/PST/URC/ASCS will apply. 

The following rules below have been put into place to allow as many cars from all sanctions to participate. 
The decision set forth by the technical inspectors applied by the Utica-Rome Speedway will be final.

Tires: Right Rear only - ESS/PST/URC Compounds allowed - All other three options open to any compound choice.  (Note - the extra wide Hoosier, 98.0/14.0W-15 or 96.0/14W-15 RD12 will NOT be allowed)
Allowed compounds are: Hoosier: HTC/RD15, ASCS Medium, RD25, D25. American Racer: MC-1 or URC-2

Wings: Flat or dish with 2" wicker allowed, only 1 1/4 "edge, turn" out on the 4 sides allowed. 1" wicker on front

Other Rules of Note:
Bolt on weight is allowed
Cockpit adjustables is allowed
Weight is 1475 with driver (No tolerance)
360 C.I. with 1% allowance
Injectors Stacks can be 2 7/16”
Fuel will have no additives of any kind including top lube.
Mufflers are mandatory (Can be any kind of muffler).

Note: Sunday Sept. 7 could be used as a rain date!

Pit Gates Open at 5:00
Racing at 7:00

Pit Gates Open at 3:30
Racing at 7:00
Saturday September 6th
Emotional Win for Tanner in Kevin Ward Jr. Shootout at Utica-Rome Speedway

VERNON, N.Y. - It was an emotional night at the Utica-Rome Speedway as the life of Kevin Ward Jr., was memorialized with the first running of the Kevin Ward Shootout.  Ward’s entire family was in attendance and it was only fitting that one of his closest friends picked up the win.  Matt Tanner scored his second ever 360 Sprint Car victory at the speedway in the 13-lap feature earning himself $1,300 and a guaranteed spot into the Cole Cup.

Tanner and Kevin Ward Sr. celebrated together atop the wing in Victory Lane in what proved to be an emotion filled interview afterwards.  Tanner was using a powerplant supplied by the Ward family in his car.

“I can’t even explain what this means,” stated Tanner.  “This is the biggest win of my career.  To have the whole Ward family here, running in memory of Kevin, running his motor, I can’t thank Senior enough for letting me do that.  I really don’t even know what to say.”

Tanner started on the front row alongside current United Racing Company point leader Davie Franek.  Tanner jumped out to the lead right at the get go holding off Franek as they raced through the first corner.

One lap was complete when the only stoppage in the race came as Tim Axton hopped the wheel of Jason Schultz and flipped off the outside of turns one and two.  He was uninjured in the incident but it ended his weekend.

Tanner chose the outside lane for the restart and it again it proved effective as he outdueled Franek as they raced through turns one and two.  Franek then had his hands full with Steve Poirier.

“For some reason tonight the bottom seemed to be faster,” said Tanner.  “Usually the top is.  I knew starting second we had a pretty good shot if we could beat him into one.  We made a pill change after the heat race and this thing was perfect on the restarts.”

Poirier worked over Franek before ultimately getting by him on lap four for the runner-up position.  At that point he started looking around for a faster line as he tried chasing down Tanner.

At the halfway point it was Tanner just ahead of Poirier as he found the middle lane through the corners allowing him to close in on the back bumper.  Tanner heard him there and changed his line slightly allowing him to open the advantage on Poirier once again.

“I got a little worried about Steve there,” commented the Stephentown, N.Y., pilot.  “I saw him once there on the outside so I pulled the wing back and started protecting the bottom.”

Once he found the quicker lane Tanner drove away from Poirier over the second half of the race claiming the victory while Poirier, the current Empire Super Sprint point leader, had to settle for a runner-up effort.  He tried everything to catch Tanner to no avail.

“He was just faster,” said Poirier of Tanner.  “I tried everything I could.  I thought at some point I had a good groove on the outside but I didn’t have the drive off.  I tried the inside but I wasn’t as good as him.  I tried the inside, the outside and the middle and I could not catch him.”

Franek fell back to finish in the third position at the final checkered flag.  It was one of his best efforts to date at the facility.
“It is something for us to go on,” stated Franek.  “We weren’t 100 percent obviously.  These guys are tough up here and we got a little bit to learn.  We got a jump start for tomorrow but all in all you can’t complain about a third place finish when you come up and race against these guys.  They are on top of it so we’ll take it and go.”

Paul Kinney finished in the fourth spot after a great race with Franek in the final couple of laps.  Robbie Stillwaggon completed the top five.

The final Pro Stock event of the season at the speedway took the green flag with Glenn Forward grabbing the initial lead of the 25 lap event from his outside front row starting spot.  Fourth place starter Bret Belden made his presence felt right away as he immediately was pressuring Forward for the lead.  Lap three saw Belden charge by to take over the point, but Forward was not giving up easily as he regained the lead on lap seven.  Several mid race cautions kept the field bunched together, and lap 10 saw Belden again use the outside lane to take the lead.

With the front running duo putting on a great show up front, there were several battles for position behind them including the battle for the third spot between Tom Denton and Mark Effner.  Like the battle up front, Denton and Effner were spending a lot of laps racing side by side with Denton holding the edge.  On lap 12, Forward charged by Belden to regain the lead and would remain there until the checkered flag with Belden, Denton, Effner, and Chris Carr chasing.

The Pure Stock 20 lap feature saw track champion Russ Marsden gain the lead from his front row starting spot, but it was fifth place starter that was on the charge early.  Mason was third by lap two, second on lap three, and by lap four he was able to charge by Marsden for the lead.  Marsden would spend the next 11 circuits trying to get around Mason but every challenge was fought off the by the leader.  As the pair completed lap 14, Marsden swung low go into turn one to slip underneath Mason, and as the pair raced off turn two, Marsden was again the leader.  Mason spent the next handful of circuits trying to get back out front but Marsden was too strong as he raced off to the season ending victory followed by Mason, Rick Breed, Chris Cunningham, and Frank Hyatt.


KEVIN WARD JR. SHOOTOUT (13 LAPS)-MATT TANNER, Steve Poirier, Davie Franek, Paul Kinney, Robbie Stillwagon, Jeff Cook, Tommy Wickham, Shawn Donath, Jason Barney, Jason Shultz, Dave Axton, Aaron Ott, and Tim Axton. DNQ- Scott Just, Steve Hutchinson Jr., Casey Williams, Doug Emery, Jordan Thomas, Tyler Graves, James Hanson, Cory Sparks, Parker Evans, and Dave Just.

PRO STOCK FINISH (25 LAPS)-GLENN FORWARD, Bret Belden, Tom Denton, Mark Effner, Chris Carr, A.J. Digsby, Ed Ostrander, Ryan Lund, Rob Seavy, Dwight Johnson, Devon Camenga, Greg Galligan, Tom Vance, Joe Slawiak, Travis Welch, and Jim Money.

PURE STOCK FINISH (20 LAPS)-RUSS MARSDEN, Bill Mason, Ricky Breed, Chris Cunningham, Frank Hyatt, Mike Kazlauskas, Rob Thieme, Ron Hawker, Mike Stebbins, Ernie Staelens, Chuck Cushman Jr., Jim Thomas, Keith Stevenson, and Jerry Streeter.
Friesen Dominates for Second Consecutive Cole Cup Victory at Utica-Rome Speedway

VERNON, NY - In the 2013 version of the SUNY Canton/Gates Cole Associates Cole Cup Stewart Friesen rallied on the final lap to win the race.  This year’s edition went much differently for the Sprakers, N.Y., driver as he dominated the 30-lap race securing his second win of the event as well as the $10,000 winner’s share.

Making the victory even more special is that husband and wife finished one two.  Friesen and long-time Sprint Car driver Jessica Zemken were married earlier in the week and the duo grabbed the top two spots on the podium on Saturday night.

“Totally unbelievable,” said Friesen in Victory Lane.  “I have to thank Jess (Zemken) for pushing me toward these Sprint Cars.  I have to thank Doug (Emery) and Barb (Patterson), Tommy Patterson and everyone associated with this Doug Emery Motorsports team for all they give us.  Doug tweaked on this car all year just preparing for this race and the notes paid off and for the 1z team to be second is unbelievable.  It caps off a great week for us.”

It took three tries to get the race started.  On original start Friesen and Larry Wight raced into the first corner together.  Wight came up off the bottom of the speedway and spun the car on the outside of the second turn.  As he spun his right rear tire dug in causing him to flip off lightly over.  He was put back on all fours and the team made repairs to the top wing allowing him to return to the event.

On the second attempt for the start, everyone made it through turns one and two but as they raced through three and four a five wide move was attempted through turn three.  Cory Sparks made contact with another car and like Wight his car got sideways and just dug in sending him over on his side.  His car was put back on its wheels and pushed to the pits.  He also returned to competition.
The third time proved to be the charm as Friesen took advantage of redrawing the outside of the front row. He beat Sammy Reakes to the first corner and took the lead down the backstretch.  Following him to the front was Jason Shultz who started fourth as he grabbed second in turns three and four.

“Clean air was crucial,” said Friesen.  “I knew if we got out front there and set a good pace it would come to us.  I thought for sure there was going to be a couple more cautions but once we got rolling I just wanted it to stay green.”

Friesen and Shultz remained the top two as they entered traffic on the sixth circuit challenging Friesen’s mobility for the first time.  His Doug Emery owned, Donath Motor Worx powered Eagle proved to have the necessary setup to move around the racing surface as Friesen extended his lead in traffic.

One-third of the race was complete with Friesen setting a torrid pace in front while Steve Poirier secured second as he tried to chase down Friesen after starting in the seventh spot.  He was joined by Zemken as the pair battle one another as they raced among the slower cars at the tail of the field.

Just after the halfway point Friesen found himself intermingled with cars running just outside of the top ten.  As a result he was forced to make some daring moves as he tried to distance himself from Poirier and Zemken.  On lap 17 he made a three wide move off of the second turn to thread the needle between two drivers to put them a lap down.

“This place is such a momentum track and if you can get clear of them guys and keep rolling you can really put some distance on it and not let second place get so close,” commented Friesen.  “I was just trying to keep rolling, keep hitting our marks while adjusting the car when I needed to with the wing and stuff.  It just rolled like I said.”

Friesen continued to dominate as the race reached the five to go mark.  Friesen held nearly a three second advantage with eyes turned to the race for second between Poirier and Zemken.  Zemken began moving her line as Poirier continued to protect her preferred groove on the bottom of the speedway.  She moved up to the middle of the race track and began getting closer to Poirier.

At the checkered it was Friesen winning by a full straightaway while Poirier again found himself getting passed in the final corner.  This time Zemken slid by him in the middle of the track to take the second position as they exited turn four to the checkered flag.

“We had a good car all night and if anyone is going to beat me I’d rather be beat by him,” said Zemken.  “We had a good car and I can’t complain.  I caught him (Poirier) once there and got stuck against the backstretch wall with the 67 (Collins) and I thought it was over then.  I regrouped a little bit after he passed me.  He knows I like the bottom but he protected it a little bit too good and I just tried to roll through the middle and keep my momentum up.  The car went really good in the middle and it worked out.”

Poirier, the current Empire Super Sprint point leader, ended up the third car on the podium.  The Quebec star was happy with the effort but disappointed with a mistake on the final lap that cost him the second position at the checkered flag.

“I was really happy when I was running second,” said Poirier. “I was hoping for a yellow flag to see if I had anything for Stewart at the front end.  At the end the car got a little bit slower because I was running the low line.  I tried the middle but the car wasn’t as good so I stuck on the bottom.  I made a bad choice on the last lap when Stillwaggon looked he was going to the outside and he chose the bottom and it broke my momentum and Jessica got by me.”

Paul Kinney came from the ninth starting position to finish in fourth and Matt Tanner saw his perfect streak come to an end as the Stephentown, N.Y., driver finished in fifth after dominating everything up to that point on the weekend. 

Tanner was fast timer on the night with a 16.762 earning extra $100 from DirtTrackDigest.com and also won his heat race event after starting sixth.  Other heat race winners who earned a $100 bonus from Einstein Construction Group on the night included New Jersey invader Kyle Reinhardt, Parker Evans and Wight.  Robbie Stillwaggon and Danny Varin won the pair of B-Mains.

The companion 602 Sportsman 30 lap main event saw Vermont’s John Scarborough jump out to the early lead from his pole starting spot with fellow front row starter Kyle Kiehn in close pursuit.  Kiehn would keep himself close to Scarborough but was unable to complete the pass in the early laps.

With Kiehn chasing Scarborough out front, the battle for the remaining top five positions was raging as Mike Button, Jack Miller, and Corey Barker were dicing for position.  Button held on to the third spot early but was feeling the pressure as both Miller and Barker were right on his bumper.  As lap 13 was being scored, Miller was able to slip by to gain the third spot and at the halfway point it was Scarborough, Kiehn, Miller, Barker, and Button making up the top five spots.

Lap 16 saw Miller continue his march to the front as he took second from Kiehn, with Barker following suit a lap later as he put Kiehn back into the fourth spot.  Kiehn’s shot at a top five run came to an end on lap 18 with a spin in turn four, setting up the second and final caution of the race.
Scarborough continued to lead at this point, but had to deal with Miller who was looking to grab the point and on lap 22, Miller drove underneath Scarborough and drove off with the lead.  Scarborough was now in the clutches of Barker who was also using the bottom line around the speedway to try to grab second.

On lap 27, Barker completed the pass of Scarborough to take the runner up spot and now was closing in on Miller.  Barker spent the final laps closing in on Miller but ran out of time as Miller took the $1,000 win with Barker, Scarborough, Mike Walton, and Button rounding out the top five.  Filling out the top 10 were Rocco Leone, James Carlson, Casey Pavlick, Glenn Forward, and Geoff VanRiper.

The racing portion of the 2014 season at the Utica-Rome is now complete and the next event on tap will be the Annual Awards Banquet at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort on Saturday, November 29.  For more information including any off season news, please log on to www.uticaromespeedway.com or call the speedway office at (315)829-4557.


COLE CUP A-MAIN FINISH (20 LAPS)- STEWART FRIESEN, Jessica Zemken, Steve Poirier, Paul Kinney, Matt Tanner, Danny Varin, Aaron Ott, Sammy Reakes IV, Jason Shultz, Jason Barney, Tommy Wickham, Robbie Stillwaggon, Jeff Cook, Davie Franek, Larry Wight, Daryl Ruggles, Cory Sparks, Mike Stelter, Steve Collins, Jordan Thomas, Parker Evans, Dave Just, Kyle Reinhardt, Wayne Johnson, Chuck Hebing, and Dain Naida.  DNQ- Shawn Donath, Joe Trenca, Alysha Ruggles, Tyler Graves, Brad Knab, Jake Muench, Bob Gray, Paul Habeck, Steve Hutchinson, Steve Glover, Dave Axton, James Hanson, Brian Howland, and Scott Just.

602 SPORTSMAN FINISH (20 LAPS)- JACK MILLER, Corey Barker, John Scarborough, Mike Walton, Mike Button, Rocco Leone, James Carlson, Casey Pavlick, Glenn Forward, Geoff Van Riper, Kyle Kiehn, Joseph Buonagurio, Ross Vleck, George Dyer, and Tim Murphy.

COLE CUP HEAT WINNER EINSTEIN CONSTRUCTION GROUP BONUS($100)-Matt Tanner, Larry Wight, Kyle Reinhardt, and Parker Evans



LAP MONEY($1,275 total)-Stewart Friesen($350), Matt Tanner($275), Steve Poirier($275), Jessica Zemken($200), Jason Schultz($75),Paul Kinney($75), and Jason Barney($25).